2015年6月4日Tim Kingham报告会




报告人:Tim Kingham,西工大外国语学院外教


报告题目:Sunset Dawn - connecting the globe in a festival of light 




The Sunset Dawn is an arts and media festival connecting cities and locations where the sun is setting to cities and locations across the globe where the sun is rising. The connections via the website www.sunsetdawn.com create a unique frame for a festival to celebrate the planet and the humanity we share, while also offering a model for academic inquiry that reflects our awakening global consciousness. My talk outlines the history of the project and the media technology on which it is based, then explains the holistic approach to education using the Sunset Dawn both as a festival and as an academic model, and concludes with a discussion of the potential for future research embracing such fields as history, quantum physics, philosophy, cosmology and consciousness. In summary, my talk will include:

l   the Sunset Dawn vision

l   a history of the festivals held so far

l   how the project fits with the university syllabus

l   the business model

l   why it is an ideal project for Xi'an and China



Tim was born and bred on the Wirral peninsula across the river from Liverpool, and studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford. On graduating he worked first in business as an accountant, but later realised his vocation was to be a teacher. He trained to teach English at the British Council in Athens, and, before coming to China, taught English in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Japan as well as in the UK. This is now his second year teaching English undergraduate majors at NPU.

In 2011 Tim launched the Sunset Dawn as an arts and media festival linking cities where the sun is setting to cities across the globe where the dawn is breaking. The launch event was a midsummer festival in Liverpool with links to the dawn breaking over Shanghai and the Asia Pacific. In June 2014 NPU held the 1st Sunset Dawn event in China with links to the dawn breaking over the Americas. This was a multilingual festival organized by NPU’s School of Foreign Languages with the support of the Office of International Cooperation and the technical assistance of NPU TV. This year’s festival will be on Friday 12 June.

  Having travelled widely in his career, Tim is particularly interested in the meeting between Eastern and Western cultures made possible by a global media age, and in the questions of what we have to give to each other, and what we have to learn from each other. The Sunset Dawn provides a medium for such an exchange on a cultural level. Tim’s personal interest in culture focuses very much on world music and dance, language, literature and philosophy. He is also a keen Everton fan, and in addition to football, he loves table tennis, reading and walking in the country.

  He is delighted to have the opportunity to teach at NPU, and to get to know China in one of the ancient cradles of Chinese civilization. Through chatting informally to his students he is also gradually trying to learn Chinese – but so far his knowledge is very limited! 



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