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Zheng Yelai, Vice President of Huawei and President of Cloud BU, and his entourage came to the School of Computer Science for guiding and exchanging


On the afternoon of September 4, Zheng Yelai, Vice President of Huawei, President of Cloud BU, Outstanding Fellow of the School of Computer Science, Tang Haiting, Director of Huawei Xi'an Research Institute, Fu Yan, Deputy Representative of Huawei Shaanxi Representative Office, Guo Yongqiang, Deputy Director of Huawei Xi'an Research Institute and Director of Cooperation Office, Jiang Wei, Head of Cloud Business Department of Shaanxi Enterprise, and the delegation came to the College to guide the exchange.Yu Zhiwen, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Computer Science; Zhang Shengbing, Vice President (presiding over the work); Shang Xuequn and Deng Lei, Vice Presidents; Xu Fangnuan and Gao Wu, Vice Secretaries of the CPC Committee; Gao Jun, Vice President; and representatives of teachers, Professor Gu Jianhua, Professor Wang Peng,Vice Professor Zhang Xiao, and Vice Professor Pan Wei, participated in the forum.The forum was presided over by Zhang Shengbing.

Yu Zhiwen first welcomed Huawei's Zheng Yelai and his entourage to the college for guidance and exchange, and briefly introduced the college from the aspects of personnel training, teaching staff, subject platform, scientific research, ,international cooperation and so on.Yu Zhiwen said that Huawei has always been the pride of Chinese enterprises, leading the world in science and technology and independent innovation, and is also a model of enterprise science and technology innovation.He hoped that through this exchange, Huawei could promote in-depth cooperation with our institute in personnel training, scientific research and other aspects.

In his speech, Zheng Yelai introduced the development of server, storage and other related businesses of Huawei and the current situation of cloud business.He recalled his study experience at Northwestern Polytechnical University and thanked his teachers for their teaching and training.At the same time, he hoped that Huawei and Northwestern Polytechnical University could carry out deeper cooperation in the future, and invited the faculty to visit the headquarter of Shenzhen Huawei Company for cooperation and exchange.

Gu Jianhua briefly introduced the related situation of cloud computing in the university from the aspects of development history, cooperation platform and scientific research projects.At the same time, he also introduced the cooperation project between Research and Development Center for High Performance Computing and Huawei Company.

Wang Peng introduced the relevant situation of artificial intelligence in the college.He said that the main tasks of the National Engineering Laboratory are data aggregation, technological innovation, large data sharing, analysis and calculation platform construction, large visual interactive platform construction, integrated application development software platform construction, technology verification platform construction, application demonstration, successful promotion and etc. The main research direction is intelligent perception and analysis.

Pan Wei introduced the content of big data storage and management of the college from the aspects of team members, key topics and production, teaching and research achievements, and introduced the cooperation project between the laboratory and Huawei in detail.

During the forum, representatives from Huawei expressed the hope that they would deepen their cooperation with Northwestern Polytechnical University in the future, including professional co-construction, high-performance computing cluster, industry-university-research cooperation, artificial intelligence teaching and textbook construction.

In addition, a ceremony was held for the appointment of an entrepreneurial mentor at Northwestern Polytechnical University. Yu Zhiwen, secretary of the College's Party Committee, presented a letter of appointment to fellow student Zheng Yelai.

In this exchange, the alumni and the teachers talked about their experience and feelings, to enhance the contact between the alumni and the Alma Mater, and lay a foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the school and the enterprise.

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