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Good Results of School of Computer Science in “Sanhang Cup” Table Tennis Competition


[Written by Zhu Ge, from School of Computer Science] At 20:00 on May 25, the team competition of “Sanhang Cup” Table Tennis Competition sponsored by Sports Department and School League Committee, undertaken by Table Tennis Association and co-organized by School of Computer Science successfully concluded. After two-day hard fight, the delegation from School of Computer Science with representatives like Zhang Hangbo, Fan Xuefeng, Wang Xiaoyu (graduates), Zhu Ge, Han Xiaoyan, Tang Liaoyuan, Meng Chengzhen, Shen Haocheng (undergraduates) finally achieved good results: Champion of Women’s Singles, third prize of Men’s Singles and second prize of team competition.

In the team competition, the delegation of School of Computer Science showed their playing power and beat the delegation of School of Software 3:0 with their good command of skills and reasonable tactics. It then came back to win against the delegation of School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture and advanced as first in the group. During the knockout match, the giant delegation of School of Computer Science went all the way and comfortably beat the School of Power and Energy 3:0 and advanced to the semifinals. It beat the delegation of School of Software again in the semi-finals and entered the finals, where it met the final rival- delegation of School of Electronics & Information. As two strong teams in table tennis, these two teams had engaged each other for several times before and they were genuine strong opponents. Finally, School of Computer Science was defeated 2:3 after a five-set thriller of singles and doubles and won the second place.

Zhang Hangbo played well in Men’s Singles Competition and advanced to semi-finals comfortably with his strength. However, due to physical reason, he regretfully didn’t enter the finals. To our delight, he won out from the semi-finals and finally took the third place. Being a player with absolute strength, Fan Xuefeng went all the way to beat the rivals and entered the finals. In the finals, she was high concentrated and took no risk with her opponent, who was also well-matched in strength. Finally, Fan Xuefeng beat her opponent after five-set thrills and won the Women’s Singles Champion.

It was a pity that the delegation of School of Computer Science didn’t win the team competition champion, but all the players showed their strength and style, who bravely faced the difficulty at critical moment and played well. We hope that the students of School of Computer Science could take this “Sanhang Cup” Table Tennis Competition as an opportunity to strengthen physical exercise, take an active part in campus cultural activities and put your heart into your study with a better state of mind.

(Reviewed by: Xu Fangnuan)

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