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The 2019 National Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students of the School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University Begins


【The School of Computer Science Ma Jiezhong】After enthusiastic registration and fierce competition, 64 students finally obtained the qualification to participate in the 2019 national summer camp for outstanding college students of the School of Computer Science. On June 25, the School of Computer Science welcomed outstanding students from all over China in Xi'an, the ancient city.

At 9:00 on the morning of June 26th, the School of Computer Science held a camp opening mobilization meeting in the West Hall of graduate students at the Youyi Campus. Professor Zhang Shengbing, Vice President (presiding) of the School of Computer Science presided over the opening ceremony and made a report.Professor Zhang Shengbing first gave a warm welcome to the students who participated in the summer camp, and then introduced the situation of the School in detail from the aspects of School profile, talent cultivation, scientific research, international cooperation, School culture and admission policy.

Professor Gao Wu, Associate Professor Chen Bolin and Professor Wang Peng, young talents of the School of Computer Science, brought wonderful professional reports to the students. The students listened carefully, and the atmosphere was active. Everyone spoke actively, showed a strong interest in the School of Computer Science and the discipline, put forward relevant questions on the aspects they were interested in, and conducted on-site communication and discussion.

In the following activities, students visited some discipline laboratories of the School of Computer Science in groups, listened to the introductions from teachers or seniors, and had a discussion.

During the summer camp, students also had face-to-face communication with the tutors, many of whom were deeply impressed by the students. The students had a close contact with computer programming in the lab, showing their excellent programming ability.



(Reviewed by:Zhang Shengbing)

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