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Insurance Services

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Students Insurance

Ø CSC scholarship students: the insurance is covered by CSC

Ø NPU President Excellent Scholarship students: the insurance is covered by NPU

Ø Insurance application procedure for other students:

① Log in to the Lianhua Insurance website (www.lxbx.net), click the "Student check   payment" icon, and log in with the passport number for registration;

② Fill in and verify all information;

③ Choose the planned insurance period and cost: 800 RMB / Year;

④ Follow the online prompts to enter the online payment (WeChat or Alipay) process and finish the payment;

⑤ After finishing the insurance fee payment, please download and print the digital receipt.

Note: Please submit the receipt with other materials to the International Student Administration Office (716 Yizi Building, Youyi Campus). The student number should be noted on the receipt.

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