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Undergraduate Education

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School of Computer Science (SCS) now has five undergraduate majors, namely Computer Science and Technology, Internet of Things Engineering, Data Science and Big Data, E-Commerce Technology, and Artificial Intelligence. The average annual enrollment of undergraduate students is 240, and the average number of students is about 900.

SCS has constructed its Computer Science cultivating programs with the features of interdisciplinary, innovation, and leadership. It reflects the characteristics of computing technology in the era of network intelligence, shows the major's characteristics of comprehensive, systematic, and practical which fits the students' cultivation principle of "Wide-Caliber with Characteristic Directions", and meets the demands of integration of industrialization and information technology.

In recent years, SCS won 1 Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement, 3 Provincial Teaching Achievement, 7 National Excellent Courses, 5 Provincial Excellent Courses, 12 Nationally Planned Textbooks, 3 Provincial Excellent Textbooks, 3 Provincial Teaching Teams, and 1 national Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

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